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Monday, April 7, 2014

The world of the best domains on the planet - portfolio Media owns some of the world's best domain names. With a high profile portfolio of awesome domain names, no wonder this company is sitting on top of the cloud. This online supergiant is looking down at its competition, especially owning and operating a great domain such as

The list of impressive domain names that has available for development are:
and many more!

Wow, what a great domain portfolio! Do you know of anyone willing to partner with this media company to develop these names? Visit today.

Friday, February 21, 2014 is a mega Dot me website is a website all about moms, parenting and fashion. It is also a mega dot me website which generates millions of unique visitors per month. Imagine developing a dot me domain into a leading website.

Do you own a generic dot me domain name? If you can develop this domain into a site like, consider yourself a seasoned online pro. Based on the monthly traffic this website delivers, the ad revenue must be massive.

Make your single world dot me domains into the next website. If you intend to sell these generic domain names, use as a example of how this extension can perform.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Quality movie domains can deliver instant traffic

Movie domains such as,,,, and combined to generate nearly 30,000+ unique visits in 2012 alone. Good content on quality movie domains will score good traffic.

It does not take too long to get indexed. Any movie site up for sale on the side panel can accomplish your goals. We own so many movie websites that we lack the time to contribute content on a daily basis. However, our best movie websites have current content relevant to the movie domain name. 

If you purchase any movie domain to the right of this article, you will make an excellent investment toward the future. Elite domain investors are asking many times an actual domain value. Besides the high search exact movie names, the rest of the movie domains are priced to sell. These are excellent sub-genres movie domains. 

The top movie genre domains are most value. They can easily sell in the mid 5 to low 6 figure range., and are worth a bundle to end-users operating in the movie space. 

We have developed movie domains that deliver good traffic. Our domain prices are at least straightforward to help a buyer make an informed buying decision. Choose a movie niche to capture instant traffic. There is huge demand in all movie genres, sub-genres, movie ending, movie taglines, and more. 

The best movie domains can make you passive income. Even so, a domain name such as is far more valuable than, a domain Sunlane Media purchased for an undisclosed sum from an publisher. is also another domain name searched above 1,250 exact times per month locally. It is a horror domain far more valuable than Sunlane Media's,,,, and several movie domains on the list are good enough to generate thousands of unique visits per site. It won't take too much work to accomplish this task. Use and or approach to feed the movie demand. In the future, resell the movie domain with traffic to an end-user.  

Quality movie domains are definitely a good domain niche with huge rewards.

Original publication date: May 3, 2012

Properly Parse movie domain names to ensure appraisal value

Do you own good movie domain names? Develop your movie domains into high traffic websites? Experience problems with assessing the value of your movie domains?

Whenever you appraise a movie domain name, make sure you properly parse the keywords. Plural 'movies' is sometimes parsed as 'movie' with the 's' pushed to the nearby keyword and or sitting as a standalone letter. 

A movie domain name such as is searched exactly 700 times per month locally. The movie keyword stats are good for a long-tailed movie domain. However, online valuation platforms parse the keyword with the following arrangement, "Movie swith twist endings". This improper parsing significantly takes away from the movie domain's value. The right order is "Movies with Twist Endings". 

Beware of the keyword parsing. We own another high searched movie domain in the keywords are searched exactly 3,600 times per month locally. The movie website will eventually generate 1,000+ unique visits per month in a few months after its launch. The movie domain is improperly parsed as "Statecollege Movies". This parsing job fails to reflect the proper order and the good search value.

Whereas high monthly searches are not paramount to your success, the keyword value sure does help to deliver traffic. Parse keywords in their right order to ensure maximum value. Don't let another buyer trick you into selling a movie domain name for far less due to improperly evaluating a domain's value due to parsing issues. Good luck.  

The top exact match Movies keywords on Google

Movie theater
Do you like movie domain names? Want to know the top 10 most searched movies keywords? Investing in good movie sites can pad your domain portfolio. End-users are constantly scouring the web for the next great movie site. Adult sites point many good movie sites to their porn portals.

Enjoy movies? Want to preserve great movie domains to sell to movie buffs? Don't like to see movie quotes domain names as forwarding Adult sites? Engage now to begin your movie domain search. We assure you that good movie domain names are readily available. Invest the time and energy into locating the best movie keyword sites to develop and or to sell to an end-user.

According to Google AdWords, the following movie keywords are the top searched per month.

Top 10 Movies keywords: 
  1. IMDb 3,350,000
  2. Movies 1,500,000
  3. Free Movie Online 1,000,000
  4. Watch Movies 450,000
  5. Watch Free Movies Online 450,000 
  6. Movie Times 368,000
  7. IMBD 246,000
  8. New Movies  201,000
  9. Movie Trailers 201,000
  10. Free Movies 201,000
We guarantee you every one of the movie sites above in any TLD are gone. Movie sites such as these hold high value on the web, especially the watch movies and free movie sites. Keep on the lookout for movie sites that produce over 1,000+ exact match searches. High search movie keywords are highly sought after.

Original publication date: 5/09/2012 for $40,000 on Domain Market

Original publication May 12, 2012

Wow! $40,000 price tag on That's a boatload of cash for a mediocre movie domain. We can see if an end-user plans to name their business Movies For You. However, is a tough movie domain to develop.

It will take heavy branding power to get the website noticed. We know how cheap most businesses are, especially those who lack marketing know-how to get immediate results.

In any case, is selling for $40,000. If you want to acquire the movie website, pay the $40,000 price tag. You never know how well movie websites perform until you take a risk.   

In our experience, we can locate many excellent domains that deliver traffic rather quickly due to their domain name. Developing a Movies For You website is more of a brandable choice than a valuable investment. 

We suppose is worth $40,000 to the right end-user. In our opinion, the movie domain name is way too high. Want to acquire the domain? Domain Market is asking $40,000. Good luck. 

How to choose Alien domain names to capture excellent traffic?

Original publication date; 12/19/2011

Do you own Alien domain names? What Alien domain names sound like good future movies? Most "The" domains preceding a noun and or a verb make good movie domains. Have you ever thought about experimenting with Alien domain names?

I recently acquired the following domains this past December: (Alien website) (Alien and zombie movie domain name)

You can also develop into a UFO website. is a great movie domain name. It can make a cool blog and or website about Alien movies. 

If either of these domain names become a future movie, the monthly searches will increase. is already searched nearly 800 times per month. is easy to remember. It is a catchy name. 

How do you create good movie domains? Think of verbs that describe a specific category. When I think of Aliens, the following words describe them:
  • Invisible
  • Super
  • Space
  • Invaders
  • Invasion
  • Green
  • World
  • Worlds
  • Projects
  • Project
  • Beings
  • Projection
  • Astral 
  • Astro
Think of every possible world that describes an Alien. Include verbs that compliment the Aliens. Make sure you acquire the dot com to ensure you own the best extension possible. You don't have to acquire all extensions since the dot com is the main domain that gets indexed rather quickly. 

Good luck on acquire a great Alien domain name. With an excellent Alien dot com domain name, you can easily capture quality traffic.